Release 11 of the Metatab Add-On for Google Spreadsheets adds a significant new feature: publishing to CKAN. By creating a spreadsheet with both data and metadata, the Add-On can be the entire interface to a CKAN data package.

Like the rest of the Add-On, this feature is alpha-level, primarily intended as a technology demo. But, it is fully functional, and you can try it out now.

1) Visit the Metatab Add-On page to install the Add-On. This page isn’t available through search or the Chrome store yet, so you must use the link.

2) After installing the add on, create a new Google Spreadsheet.

3) In the “Add-Ons” menu, in the Metatab item, select “Initialize with Example.” Metatab will load in an example spreadsheet, including data and metadata. This example has three Datafiles in the Data section. Two are referenced as external links, and the last one refers to the Data tab in the spreadsheet.


4) In the Metatab Add-On menu, select “Set CKAN URL and Key. ” Enter the  base URL for a CKAN instance and API key for a CKAN user. They API key can be found in CKAN, in the sidebar of your user account page.


5) Now, in the Metatab Add-On menu, select “Publish to CKAN”. When the script finishes, you can see a new data package in your CKAN repository.


The “metadata” and “Main Dataset” resources have links are to the CSV version of the original spreadsheet, so they will not work for users that don’t have access to view spreadsheet. The other two resources have the same links as in the Metatab spreadsheet.